Artist: Patti LaBelle
Song Title: It's Time
It's time to tell him how you feel
Baby stop playin' around, gonna miss out on what's real
It's time to show him you're for real
If you won't someone else will yeah

You're a woman now, and it's time for you
Time you grow up and learn your way
Make this house a home, and make sure he knows
You're the one he can count on


Now that you've settle down, how could you wear a frown
Knowing that he is the one
His love has been so good, it's time you understood
That he'll never let you down

[Chorus: x2]

Has there ever been a time, you let him slip away
You didn't know what you had, now you wish he would have stayed
Girlfriend it's time to grow and learn what it takes
To hold on to the real thing

[Chorus: x2]