Artist: Onslaught
Song Title: Thrash Till the Death
Thrash till the death feeling the force deep inside
Violence and pain on the power of metal we thrive
Aural ***ault pounding your ears till they bleed
Unholy sound thrashes till death is our breed

Leather and metal the forces are slamming the sky
Louder than hell the thrashers are screaming to die

[Repeat: x4]
Thrash till the death

Dying to kill possessed are the thrashers on stage
Kicking your *** the Marshal's are screaming in rage
Adrenalin runs high the hammers are pounding at speed
Thrashing till death the blood is now flowing so free


Sharper than steel the axes are blazing so high
Metal attack the blitzkrieg it burns your eyes
Power from hell warfare unleashed from the stage
Final command your violent death is our wage