Artist: Pimp C
Song Title: My Angel
I want to dedicate this song to my momma, knahmtalkinbout?
Happy birthday momma (hey momma, sheeeit) happy birthday
Through all the bullshit *****z tryin to kill us, yup
Yeah, why'knahmsayin? Uhh
The false divorces, child support court (that's right), all that
***** droppin out of school you stuck by me knahmtalkinbout?
Thank you... goin to jail
So a lot of ************s be sayin stars up in the sky
But my star right here, that's my angel, knahmtalkinbout?
Check this out

[Pimp C]
I been on top of the world, and been on bottom of the grind
I came through in the fresh cars, playin surround
I been in the city sellin crack at the dopefiends
Tryin to come up Houston be strung out on promethazine
I used to smoke fry, wasn't scared to die
Every day when I wake up I wanted to get high
My momma came and got me from that devil dope
And keep me good even though I used to choose hoes
And sometimes with her older family members a lil' bit wrong
But that's how I came up, makin rap songs
I been in this **** since 16, comin up
And puttin ************s up on this thang up in this rap scene
Uhh, and when they took my money
Momma never ever looked at me funny, now check it out
The manager I had wasn't ****
The ***** stole everything and snorted coke like a *****
My momma stepped into this **** and went to every town
that we came to, every city puttin it down
And when them *****z wanted to kill me, my momma said
**** that *****, I know you ************s feel me, uhh
So when you see me in the city with my T lady
Best believe we comin up and we ain't livin shady
I'm her baby, and that is my only momma
I'll kill you *****-*** *****z if you brang the drama

[Chorus - sung]
My angel... an-gel, that angel is mine, annn-gel
I found my an-gel, annn-gel, that angel is miiiine

[Pimp C]
Yeah tight, that's right
I was young, I used to get sick a lot
Now I'm rich puttin it down with Rap-A-Lot
I used to have the flu, cold, and pneumonia
*****z always tried to come and try to move on ya
Cause in my city you either got to be a hustler
Or you're out on the corner, smokin crack and a buster
So I had to come up fast
When *****z come through I put that {?} on his ***
Ay, ay, ay