Artist: Project 86
Song Title: S.M.C.
Big business ain't easy
I'm sure you'd agree
Especially when the product is eternity
To stay one step ahead we must achieve
And turn this holy temple
Into a factory

Is there anywhere you can run
To hide from the thieves?
Cause eternity's on sale today for a fee

Our sanctuary of the this high-rise
Our steeples
Our slogans
Our billboards
Our converts
Oh-don't forget to buy this t-shirt
As you leave
And open up the offering box
And give until it hurts

Show me an open heart and we'll steal it away
Cause eternity's up for sale for a small fee today

Faith is buying me away
Buying me a way
To convert the masses into little servants
Faith is buying me away
Buying me a way
Buying me into your home (soul)

This altar is a stage
Our sponsor must be paid
And maybe we'll even make the front page