Artist: Reuben
Song Title: Crushed Under the Weight of the Enormous Bullshit

I can still remember, when I first heard the riff, that opened nevermind, and that guy stood up stiff. Since those first discoveries, I've tried to recreate, the feeling I had back then, but nothing sounds that great Please give me an album that I love straight away, that I don't have to grow into, after constant debate. See I buy alot of records, but take most of them back, cause I feel they dissapoint me, after just one track and, I can't move on, I can't move on, I can't move on. I can't move on. "I'LL BREAK" Lost in stone my heart was, everytime I die, I love every second, but now 3 years gone by. When I heard worship & tribute, I thought my dreams come true, but listening to most other bands, it seems they all did to All this 80's indie, sounds like shit to me, cause I don't like joy division, I don't like morrissey. Oh them, new impersonators, keep on [unknown] cycling at the [unknown], the fucking enemy. I can't move on, I can't move on, I can't move on, I can't move on, I can'
t move on, I can't move on, I-I-I, can't move on, I can't, move on