Artist: Autumn Tears
Song Title: Carfax Abbey

Is it simply a kiss of carnal dreams? What once a father to tender sleeplessness The deviance of youthful whispering A majesty to darkness, a visage... my kingdom? My centuries laden with dead emotion Timeless anguish beckons me Into my sleep, the torments of dreamless kin Give unto me a time for redemption And even now beneath the multitude of stars Am I to believe that I stand before god? What pitiful illusion am I expected to see? Shall I exist in my death, to believe in them? As I destroy all you love, before your eyes I bequeath unto thee my forever... For time hath imprisoned me Endowed with the wisdom of centuries Yet the sorrow hath befallen me still The chosen few are but to remain with me United together within the stillness… Of an age yet to come My children of sadness, I welcome thee... Into my arms forever