Artist: Robin Thicke
Song Title: You're My Baby
Oh, aw bab, aw
(you're my baby, my baby, you're my sweet sweet child, you're my only love)
Aw darling, aw baby.

You're like a baby,
Jumping up and down
Ooh like a baby
I can't put you down
And when you cry
I'll pacify you
Here in my arms
You're safe and warm

[Chorus: x2]
You're my baby,
Ooh baby (ooh baby)
You're my sweet sweet child
You're my only love (you're my only love)

You're part of me and
I'm part of you
You're living proof
Of my dream come true
Here in my walls
I will protect you
I'll tell you straight up
Re-educate you in love
You can trust me
You can be all you want in front of me
You can pout
You can smile
You don't have to be perfect
Cuz you're perfect the way that you are

[Chorus: x2]

Oh, my lullaby
I'll sing to you
My sweetest goodbye.

I'm you're lover
I'm you're blanket
You don't have to be afraid of the monsters in your closet

[Chorus: x2]

I'll sing to you
Its my lullaby
A sweet kiss goodnight.
I'll sing to you

[Chorus: x6]