Artist: Rocky Votolato
Song Title: Streetlights
We can go and walk in the darkness
Get relief at each
I don't know how much it would cost us

Probably more than I've spent in my whole life
These silly ideas that waste more time than I had to
Loose when I woke up this morning

Seems like I've
Got so much more to loose now than I ever had before
Little beanie-bean with the calculator keys
Can he add

It all up, make it all make sense to me
I've got no idea
How much more time
I've got left if I can't get my mind

The simplest little melody has got me all tangled up
In knots
We can go and walk in the morning

We don't
Need streetlights just a new start
Not paralyzed by
Appearances with big ideas and just way to smart

To walk around on the surface when there's an ocean
Just beneath it's blue-green smile
All the while nothing
Stopping me from jumping in and sinking fast

I'll sing
You to sleep first