Artist: Scarface
Song Title: Sellout
It's been a long time coming but now I'm back at it
Flipping the script, from balling back to gansta rap classics
You know that **** that hit the hood and upset it
If real *****s respect it, the squares gon' rep it
I done came in here to bring it to you
The uncut version of ganstarism with the nickel painted Ruger
Quick to **** it on you, spark light in your eyes
The unexpected is happening to you now *****, surprise!
Who is it? (Face, marchin', mobbin')
You said it one more time (Face Mob)
What else? (we keep you)
Now ************s lay it down
The ruler's back, cause it's too many pussies out here
Making bullshit records and ruining rap
I gotta check this whole game, *****s out here listening
To these record label *****es instead of doing they thing
I'm a real *****, a street ***** till it's done with
And I could never let you talk me into dumb ****
Like selling out to move a few more units
Just keep me in the ghetto cause the hood stay truest
You **** around and cross the other side of the track
Catch you a brick then realize that you can't come back
I'ma stick to the facts
**** it if I don't go two
The homies know that Face stay true
And though I've got more muscle, my sounds don't change
Been the same ever since I stepped in the game
Now, this is for these *****s switchin' they ****
Prostituting theyself, trying to get them a hit
Suck a ****

You a sellout *****
Bow down ***** before they **** around and find you face down in the river
Talk down ***** and I'ma bust you in your mouth *****
Show 'em you a foul *** *****
You a sellout ***** and I'ma bust you in your mouth *****
Show 'em you a foul *** *****

Fo sho I talk a lot of **** but you can bet that I'm the *****
Out here backing it up, while you acting it up
I can prove you ain't as real as what you claiming to be
You the king on your block, but you ain't **** in DC
You ain't **** off in the city of Chi
You ain't **** off in the Do It or Die
They want to skin you alive
Out here talking like you carrying arms
We don't shoot at ************s, we done flipped the script to carrying bombs
I can end it for *****s out here who's hard in the booth
Any city I can hit the hood cause Scar is the truth
I know so much about these streets that I can walk them asleep
You can't tell me **** about your hood, I walked on your beat
I know your whole life story, plus I've seen for myself
You got caught smoking dope, that's why they sent you to jail
Had you locked up with wet backs, only real *****s suffer set backs
90 days and I ain't goin' to respect that
And you can sniff a snitch a mile away
**** him in his *** and feed him ****, a pound a day

[Chorus: x2]

I've got *****s I was raised with who know who I am
Lil' Brad from out of South Acres, prone for scams
Never ducked the ************, I was down for the dirt
Got respect from older cats cause I was down for the work
When Fondren had its Great Skate I'd roll to the club
Drunk off the bird with thumbtack holes in my glove
Stood in the corner waiting for bullshit to jump
And in the event it jumped you saw a fool get stomped
There it is, can't get this **** no realer than that
Had a super boxing game, but now I'm peeling your cap
I done been in fist fights with *****s twice my size
Got an incredible record, 27 and 5
And the 5 losses I got, I had to redeem 'em
So he had to fight me every time I seen him
Ain't no ***** in me, I've been for real before this rap ****
I study MC's, that's how I know you hoes is plastic
So-a, shake your *** and I'ma tell 'em the truth
Fabricate your bumps and bruises homey, do what you do
Just remember who for real when they tell you they real
I survived the game of life *****, **** some skills

[Chorus: x2]