Artist: Axel Rudi Pell
Song Title: Gettin' Dangerous
Take what you want, if all's what you need
Well, that was a thing of the past.
Yours 4 the night & all the next day
But you know all good things never last.

All the evils you once saw as joy
Have finally caught up 2 u.
Others misfortunes are lessons we've learned
It's hight time we know what 2 do...

It's gettin' dangerous
The world's going under as we fall
It's gettin' dangerous
It's time 2 decide when our fate calls

Why does the rain cry on our souls
While bloodshed takes over the streets?
Why does the night decide not 2 end
When tomorrow is now what we need?

Do you remember a simpler time
When dreamers could follow their dreams?
It's so plain 2 see that we've drifted so far
It's not how it once used 2 be...

It's getting' dangerous
The further we go now the deeper we burn
It's gettin' dangerous
If you don't give a damn the world ceases 2 return.

[repeat chorus]