Artist: Sticky Fingaz
Song Title: Bad Guy
learned at a early age what's important in life
its a game,bet your money,don't get caught in that dice
i had tony montana dreams of takin over
getting rich mixing yae,wit dat baking soda
there's 3 options get money,death or jail
**** college,my career wuz right there in those scales
never personal,nah I'm a businessman
cut off a ***** hand he come up short on a gram
put your money where your mouth iz,ill take yo chips
'cause if don't make dollars,den it don't make sense
ask any ***** dat did dirt wit da god
i used to work hard,robbing *****z dat work hard
so if you're slanging keys
or slanging cds
the more you sell,the more jealousy you're gonna see
I'm olny good at doing drugs,sports and entertainment
that's what i told the judge in court at my arainment


I sold everything from crack,to guns,to weed
keep the heat between my boxers and my dongeries
the whole business ran off supply and demand
wit dis i had a whole hood inside my hand
just taste it,swear your tongue be numb for a week
but try to jerk it,swear yo azz be unda the sheet
keep flipping it raw,keep sellin that weight
till they,kick in the door,its the american way
organized crime,infratated the force
we above the law,that's cause we paying em off
gave my debt to society,but where's my change
for when i went in,i came out worse or even the same
its the game of life
been like dis since the beginning
who could get the most cars,collect the best women
you can't judge nobody cause its all essence
whoever die wit the most money in the end when


if nothin good is wrong then i don't want to be right
and if we got to knock a block or two then that's just fine
call me the bad guy(the bad guy)
i got to have mine(got to have mine)
if nothin good is wrong i don't want to be right