Artist: Sticky Fingaz
Song Title: Suicide Letter

I don't need a will cause I'm not leavin nobody ****
It's my suicide letter
At the end of this song I'm gonna blow my ****in brains out

[Sticky Fingaz]
If you readin this, I'm probly dead by now
Probly ODed and put three in my head by now
I'm on the balcony alone, nobody here to stop me
I should film this and leave Banned From TV a copy
I'm sick of this world and everything that come wit it
Death, life, politics, religion, **** all of it
Always feel the pain or I'm ignorin it
Could barely see the love but all we need more of it
Yeah right, like that's gonna happen
They workin on the next nuclear weapon
*****z still starvin, *****z still robbin
It's no money that's when you have mo' problems
I wanted a son but that was the past
Cause to tell the truth I don't think this world gon' last
And I'm not a quitter *****, I ain't givin up
I'm just ready to move on son, I had enough

Live or die, it's my life
I may, I might, it's my time
? or shine, it's my ?
So say goodbye, it's my life

[Sticky Fingaz]
I can't recall anything fore the age of five
Far back as I could remember, had the lazy eye
All the **** I been through and I stayed alive
But today feel like a good day to die
Felt it before but it's hard to say goodbye
Felt like I'm talkin to myself when I pray to the sky
Like they took my faith and created a lie
Don't try to talk me out of it, I made up my mind
I'm a man, I meant no cry for help
So I'ma have to start the revolution by myself
I'm losin it, too much goin on in my head
Statistically speakin, I'm supposed to be dead
Made a crew of wild *****z goin to war for 'caine
Decorate the walls in ya building wit ya brain
Strugglin in the hood, I know too well
But why to get to heaven ***** gotta go through hell?