Artist: Spitalfield
Song Title: From the Desk of B. Larsen
Listening to Pavement on the stereo
And wondering to ourselves,
"Will we see the sun rise before the drugs wear off?
Cross so many borders that cease to excist (at least for now).
And at this hour, all fears and reservations
Escape through open windows into the southern skies.

And we're getting good
At passing out in motion (or on strangers floors).
And our wandering hearts numb our blistered fingers
And our burning throats.

Tomorrow is the same;
It's just another repeat of today.
The smile and the wave.
Can we stay above the surface without feeling blase?
Can we climb that stage again?
to entertain the ghosts, maybe ourselves,
And then pass out.
Uur blood has mixed, and we are one.
And we will get through this.