Artist: Tha Alkaholiks
Song Title: Soda Pop
Hoes on my nuts just because of my position
Can't fade the *****es that's always *****in'
Love to kick beats, rock rhymes on occasion
Down with the *****s that the hoes keep pagin'
Gimme gimme gimme my gin and super-sak
Then, let me hit the doobie, can't **** with the rock
Bust one shot if you're (with me with me)
*****s swing back don't (hit me hit me)
I can freak freak the funk the funk funk
And hit skins all night if I wanna when I'm drunk
Can't fade the pop pop pop goes the nina
Tha Liks be rockin' shows from New York to Pasadena
When it comes to rhymes god damn I can rock em
When it comes to boots god damn I can knock em
Got mad flavor so do me a favor
And bump that **** it's the **********in' Liks!

Hey yo, I cut like a Ginsu, I been through, hell
And back, stabbers get swell
Tossed from my balls
*****es lick the crush off my balls
Pause, yo
I'm lickin' off walls
To scatter, ***** this is theory
And my **** is kinda fatter
Stagger, cause I got shanked by a dagger
Yo you can't **** with the Wild Wild West
I'm a shady *** ***** and I slit you like stress
They say ballers only sport Guess
But that's a **********in' lie 'cause I got a pair of Levi's
*****s rollin' thick like a New York steak
Field Trip on the beach (now got your momma on some pancakes)
I know you sayin' (damn that little *****'s dope)
I got a loaded tec nine under my **********in' coat
*****s wanna jack the back, never nope
I stick my gat down your throat, and tell your *** no

The forty's kickin' in I gotta drain my main vein
Got drinks in my freezer bust styles I can't explain
And the name of my group ain't changin' 'cause it fit us
Hit us, one time, for my cats that ain't with us
On the down low drinkin' whiskey in the basement
If a sample won't clear I substitute with a replacement
(One two ya don't stop when it hits two o'clock
You can't buy the alcohol so you drink soda pop
Like that and uhh, it's like that
Sometimes it's like that)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, ay
How y'all like that one right there?
Y'all like that one?
Yeah, that's my boys
Them my boys Tha Alkaholiks ya knowhat I'm sayin?