Artist: Tha Eastsidaz
Song Title: Intro
Snoop, Snoop, Snoop
Hell yeah mutha ****in yeah
What up *****z and niggets
Back acha with some of that real ****
And they say you can't keep a top Dogg down

Bow Wow
And I'm sendin' this one out to the uh gangsters
The ridahs, the ladies, the playas and the macks
Now this is what I want ya'll to do for me,
Kick back and blaze one up to this ****.

Ya'll know who the **** I am,
But if ya don't
I'm S, N Double O, P
Yes I am
I'm S, N Double O, P child
Yes I am
I'm S, N Double O, P
Hell yeah baby
Snoopy Snoopy
Sing it girls
Say my name *****