Artist: Taxiride
Song Title: Saffron
turn around take a picture
now your part of the A-team
it means nothing at all
it means nothing your
best friends, bad habits
now hes got a mercedes
i know that its crazy
is this the way that your life was meant to be?

Everything you know has come undone
a Saffron Lie
You let it get you and now its gone
cant get by on a Saffron lie

hot or cold, ive been told
that your kind of amazing
but it just doesnt faze me
i just let it slide
on a roll lost control
when you told me that you'd be
falling in with the mainstream
but you keep hanging on and on and on


solid gold now your rolled
and you're pushing up daises
if you dont hit the brakes then
you'll be history
ex-friends hard habits
now hes f*cking your lady
i know that its crazy
but it keeps going on and on and on


in a world thats moving on too fast