Artist: Tech N9ne
Song Title: My World
In a world of misery and within this 3 planets collide.
Brotha Lynch, Dalima, Tech N9ne
Bring you along for the ride.

Wait a minute I'm from the West Coast Conference
Like Kobe or James Worthy You could just call me king of the valley.
All I need is a game jersey. ***** (nuts and guts) get serverd up when I get all spittin up?
Cut it up gut it up with cold cuts with another nut heated up came dirty.
I'll be off in that kryptonite turn them into liquidites stain his jersey
Leave him in the back of the Elco like Helpter Skelp stick it to them like velcro *****.
I'm a ***** killa I'm a ***** ditch quick to rip ya ?? murder *****a witcha ima jack ya night strip ya dat night
Split ya legs open and **** ya. But then Ima ?? rippen ya (grubs) eat your meat
Demeat your pleate with the meat clever I did not see ya either four corner reciever court order deleecher
Tech order me I'm bringing a caesar and a suicide note do I die low keys in the backseat cut necks
I'm sexist (rocked) to get (nabbed) Brotha Lynch I'm neckless express this sexist.

Welcome to my world (Tech N9ne Catch)
Welcome to my world (Tech N9ne Catch)
Welcome to my world (Tech N9ne Catch)
Welcome to my world (Tech N9ne Catch)
Welcome to my world

?? From the South

Cause I be Dalima ************s hatin me for the longest. Could it be that I'm critical lyrically flawless.
And if I'm heated I could be mentally conscious. I could be ?
From the flame only being held accountable for making the change to whatever it regards a (beat).
(In the niddle of the sage) I'm bustin like a 12 gauge.
You could never really do a ***** that hang you up that slip you a couple mickeys I bet you start to drink again
Drank ya ima cider with a fully loaded rifle undecided whether or not I cut up your brian or guts.

I get spaced out sometimes.)
And it's like I'm a heathen whether or not you believe in everytime I rap a ************ stop breathin. ?
Dalima for a reason well let me introduce you to the crucial upliftin future.
Recruit you and seduce you to the butal grouper.
***** better get ready casue we know we put together the (fettiest)
Chemical flame energetic well imbeded into your brain Tech N9ne Dalima Brotha Lynch life.


Figth this phantom ya freakin family will fall flat.
Bunk Bianca's beat em black and blue witha baseball bat.
I might be a small cat but I won't use disgression hit em wit a weapon steppin with em all rat 20-11 I make em all skat.
Now prosperous Tech's not with his crowd.
He's lost in his clouds rather be offed than softed with his style.
I got hopes that might light ya better but I been broke so I might swipe your chedda.
You betta get ready give me your gotta Vendetta. Come in to get a brotha weed and money and whatever.

Nobody said it was going to be easy but deceave me believe me your (buried dark buried dark) in Macropolis.
Wonder you gonna see me on T.V. You better believe me Tech would (never know the opposite?)
Rewrite my life give me life in a fight for what's right I liberante quidado 151 Rum is how we run slim slums then comes Diablo.
I need a medic cause a murder energetic in the cerabellum never tell em
I got one of the worst problems in the medulaoblon-gota you gotta going one helluva shot.
(No more darkness how did I start this. Feelin bizarre ****. Like in your carcass.)
I'm the ruler in my kingdom and my dark seat is hot. Step into my world and your heartbeat stop!