Artist: The Legendary Pink Dots
Song Title: The Pleasure Palace
drink it down and spit it out. The Love Machine
demands a sacrifice. The Love Machine demands a sacrifice. 500 pounds
of meat in amyl nitrate. Nice and neat. Repeat, repeat.
don't hit me with a wooden fish cos I can hear the bells ring, my burning

{???} closed the door and keep
her out. Forty days, forty nights, waiting for the time, waiting for the
green light says, "Come in boys, I'm waiting here, I'm lonely, I need
your company, I need a {???}, white flash. I'm waiting, I'm desperate.
I need some energy, so I can {???} quiver, quiver, quiver. {???} in my
sacrifice. {???} sacrifice. Yes, I'll be your sacrifice, but please
don't hurt me with the {ribbon fist?}. {???} tie my legs together.
Please don't hit me with the {fish??}, I'm {???}, I might just split from
eyes to knees to feet to {???}. I'll be your sacrifice. I'll be your
sacrifice. {???} I can hear your bells ring. {???} I'll be your