Artist: The Cooper Temple Clause
Song Title: Been Training Dogs
Been training dogs again
To bite your little princess
And making sure they make a scene
Running errands all the way
Communicate in codes
You've just gotta make the in-roads

Holding on, to what you've got
Making plans, just to stay alive
Doing time, oh you bet you will
I'm doing mine, by the side of the road
Making out, 'cause I'm making good
What it's all about, like I said I would
Then you realize, well, look who's laughing now

We take pride in our work
The key's the execution
And, hey that's what we had in mind
But we're not just having fun
I wouldn't want to be ya
Cause we're drawing blood if we see ya

And we're not afraid to use animals
Or anything else that'll tear itself a hole
Yeah we'll be just like dumb ****ing animals
If that's the kind of game you want to play