Artist: The Cribs
Song Title: It Was Only Love

Why don't we take a walk? Oh, you know there's no one to tell us no Oh, because you can't regret something that you'll forget And that's the beauty I like you because you're strange Oh, but you say that you need to change Oh, but if I dress you like me, then you'll still never be More than your bus fare to me Why must you have to? You know I never wanted anything more I must forgive you It was only love I never tried to You must have known I never wanted anything more I misunderstood you It was only love Do you remember when we were teens? Oh, we were studying the same things Oh, I'm sorry that you were wrong and that you never moved on It's good to never belong On your soapbox you feel so tall No one hears so that don't mean much at all Oh, you mean nothing to me, home town jealously You're just a formality Why did you have to? You must never have known I never wanted anything more And I never miss you I thought it was only love But don't ever call me Don't ever call me, baby Cause I won't be frien
dly It was only love