Artist: The Divine Comedy
Song Title: Bang Goes the Knighthood
Out of the station
And through the arcade
Past the antique shops
Of Regent's Parade
To an innocuous London address
A quick glance around, and then down the wet steps

God only knows what keeps bringing me here
Gambling with everything that I hold dear
One careless word, in establishment ears
And bang goes the knighthood, the wife and career

You make me feel, you make me feel something
And feeling something, beats feeling nothing at all
And nothing at all is what I feel
All the rest of the time
If someone sees, If someone hears something
I know it's coming
The fear is making me ill
But then, the fear
Is part of the thrill

They taught me discipline at boarding school
The consequences of breaking the rules
They said "we're just being cruel to be kind"
As they beat me to within an inch of my life

So chain me, restrain me and teach me to kneel
Bind me and grind me beneath your high heels
Crack goes the whip and if someone should tell
Bang goes the knighthood, as well