Artist: Thrice
Song Title: The Sky Is Falling
It's coming down
These clouds could never save me
From such a juggernaut of weight
Your dance and jingle cabaret
It's coming down
The shadow's forming on the pavement
We face a watershed of hate
Just miles apart the world's away

The sky is falling
And no one will live the last sea
The sky is falling
And no one will care as long as it lands over seas

It's coming down
This ship would never save me
My family from certain death
If we could leave, we would have left
It's coming down
My little girl is just a baby
And I'm scared that she wont make her teens
My fear just fuels the hate machine


I'm going to be strong enough
And not let my fear decide my fate
Surrounded by dream goers
I don't want any part of this