Artist: Thriving Ivory
Song Title: Angels on the Moon
Do you dream
That the world will know your name
So tell me your name
And do you care
About all the little things
Or anything at all
I want to feel
All the chemicals inside
I want to feel
I want a sunburn
Just to know that I'm alive
To know I'm alive

And don't tell me if I'm dying
'Cause I don't want to know
If I can't see the sun
Maybe I should go
Don't wake me 'cause I'm dreaming
Of angels on the moon
Where everyone you know
Never leaves too soon

And do you believe
In the day that you were born
Tell me do you believe
And do you know
That every day's the first
Of the rest of your life


This is to one last day in the shadows
And to know a brother's love
This is to New York City angels
And the rivers of our blood
This is to all of us
To all of us


Yeah you can tell me all your thoughts
About the stars that fill polluted skies
And show me where you run to
When no one's left to take your side
But don't tell me where the road is
'Cause I just don't want to know
No I don't want to know

And don't tell me if I'm dying
Don't tell me if I'm dying, yeah
Don't tell me if I'm dying