Artist: Thriving Ivory
Song Title: Long Hallway With A Broken Light
White lines that never fade
Burn deep with everyday
And I need to know

You live here in a photograph
No sound and no regrets
And I need to know

Heart-stained but never weak
You lay down alone but you don't mind
Questions that never breathe
Your face on a wall that I can't shake

I'm walking on air, close to you
Through a long hallway with a broken light
And I, I need to know
If you're still alive

You hold me like a bag of bones
Wrapped up and underground
Pull me out so I can feel
Make me believe, that one more night's
Not a minute too long when a moment's all I need

[Chorus: ]

You'll marry the night
Dance with the pain but you don't mind
See the city burn tonight, hearts up in flames
Would you carry me away?

[Chorus: ]