Artist: Tiger Trap
Song Title: My Broken Heart
Not the heart that I wear around my neck and
Not the one that I wear upon my sleeve and
Not even the one that I drew upon your hand with a
Marker around the time I first said I loved you

My broken heart

you made shapes with your fingers in the air
Of your heart which you said belonged to me
It used to be sweet, but now it's bitter to my taste
I loved you, and now that's gone away
How could you do something so ugly when you had
Just said you loved me moments before?

My broken heart

the first time's the hardest is what I've been told but
I wouldn't know cause all it feels like to me is the
End of my world and the end of the heart that
I said would never be broken by you
The tears on my face made me even more
As I run away from you forever
Do you still have the heart painted red that I
Pulled from my pocket and gave with my love

My broken heart
My broken heart