Artist: The Replacements
Song Title: Lovelines (alternate vocal)
Stop it

Slightly overweight girls need sex also
Send your note and desires
Means of contact P.O. Box 8941

Baby you have been along
I'll read another
As soon as it comes around

Feeling pressure?
Call Loveliness

JD if you need a fishing partner
Please let me know
Visitors welcome instruction
5 generation mess you give for naught

Hey Ellen
Mark says hi
Tom what else can I say
I love you very much
I'm glad we're together
Miss you a lot
Love kitten

Oh yeah ooh yeah Kitten
Oh yeah ooh yeah

Lurkin' lizards lyin' in the tanners ?
Under an oral fix
Waiting for the return of the crawling king snake
John Lee

Grin and bear it

Fantasy Phone Swingers' Hotline
Pure silk, pure seduction
G-strings in petal pink

Attract some women
Scientific formulated
Spray the conductive male hormone
Work turn the lights off

Oh baby, let's turn a page

And it's all a bunch of ****