Artist: The Receiving End of Sirens
Song Title: Planning a Prison Break
Warden's calling for a lock down baby, he'll call on interim inequities
This is the last night in my body: assist in the escape
Warden's calling ON a jailbreak baby, he'll fly like only a jailbird could
Like a felon, he fell into scandals, scams and masterplans
to circumvent all circumstances
He thought to his throat, "we can swallow this key
and leave when we please"
Lets hope his stomach disagrees
"Make a quick getaway", he said with his HANDS outstretched
to nurse her neck
She lured him in
with a masochistic kiss and he wished he could
be anywhere but here
Arm in arm we walk outside so that all we've
done was not in vain
Somehow for now this skin will have to do
This is the last night in my body.