Artist: Tokyo Rose
Song Title: The Promise in Compromise

We always get such little time So every minute counts for more like seasons changing while hearts keep aching for warmth I just can't help but feel like it's a crime to want to keep a tight grip on what we're sharing because I know it's tearing you apart Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I never said I wouldn't make you cry Now I'm begging for another try to keep the promise in a compromise The simple things never come easy We'll work it somehow, because it's not worth faking a love that's not worth making this tough It isn't a question of if it's right but if it's right for now With all I'm taking not sure I'm really giving you enough I know (I know it's hard on you) it's hard on you. It's true for me too (I know it's hard on you) But know (Baby you've got to know) I'd give it all for you if you just asked me to