Artist: TQ
Song Title: If the World Was Mine
7 11 6 & 4

They all score


Mutha ****in' Jazzy Fae

Got me in line at 1:12

All high & ****


Thinkin' about what if the world was mine?

Ha ha

It'd be on in this mutha ****a

Check it out

[Verse 1]

I been thinkin' since the capital

Luck saw a baby kinda feel natural

Triple lights on the crap table

7 11 6 & 4 they all score

And every woman is a stripper so you can tip her

Don't let it get ya

Feel free to take her home wit ya

I'd be in all the motion pictures

And every whip I'm messin' wit, be a ten on the real ****

And real *****s wouldn't have to try to be

So I would never never - actin' violently

And even if you didn't ride wit me

you could still get high wit me

If the world was mine


You would never have to leave the sunshine

And everbody'd be free to smoke weed wit us

Shouldn't even have to deal wit one time

Too many whips so we ain't got time

If the world was mine

I'd roll a baby blue 64

Wit all my *****s down front wit they dubs up, all night

Call all the thugs & 'round 'em up

And tell 'em all to come to my show

If the world was mine

[Verse 2]

I take a puff so I can meditate

Bump down the street & *****s wouldn't playa hate

These are tickets for the na-nas

My own recliner

What's the matter wit ya eyes? Ain't ya high enough?

Cali weed make 'em both swell

So quit talkin' and blaze one up

You in the middle of a world-wide mission to get paid enough

Is the last ***** brave enough?

His *** got ate up

His whip got laid up

She had to pay up

My mind was made up, and stayed up

I took 17 beats & laced 'em up wit a plot to blow the place up

If the world was mine

(Repeat chorus)

[Verse 3]

If I ruled the world

Block parties wit the Mexicans

Dominos wit the best of dem

Black Lex, purple pearl

In the city wit my next of kin, doin' lotsa shoppin'

It's poppin'

We won't be stoppin'

'til the loot runs out

But it's my ****, so that won't happen

Guaranteed to have y'all screamin' & clappin'

On a high that lasts ya all night

If the world was mine

(Repeat chorus 3x)