Artist: Wendy O. Williams
Song Title: I Love Sex (and Rock and Roll)
You gotta give me more,
It ain't no lie.

Don't need a home, got a Rock 'n Roll band,
And you might understand,
It's do or die.

Don't stand around with your hand in your pants,
I didn't come here to dance,
Come on let's go!

'Cause when we get down to the firing line,
You know I had enough time,
You'd better last!

I Love Sex,
Gotta have it WHEN I WANT it!
I Love Sex (And Rock And Roll)!

I Love Sex,
Just can't get enough!
I Love Sex (And Rock And Roll)!

Don't waste my urges, no I'm bored to death,
Well you can save your breath,
You're fading fast.

Driven by hunger, just ain't gettin' my fill,
Don't know the reason why
That's who I am.

Got a chip on my shoulder, ain't the girl next door
Thought you should know the score,
It ain't no joke.

Bent over backwards,
Now to play the ice,
Cause if you play it right I'll go for broke! 'Cause ...


Give it to me