Artist: Z-Ro
Song Title: Mo City Don Freestyle

(*talking*) Shit, Z-Ro the Crooked, I know y'all Been waiting on this here, yeah shit R.I.P. Big Mello, Screw, Mafio, Big Boo, Gator All the fallen soldiers man, Southside Eastside, Westside, Northside, know I'm saying All my partnas, all your dead partnas But shit I still feel stress, still gotta get something Off my chest, while these hoe niggaz be doing what They be doing, I don't know though, shit fuck it We gon stay two deep in a fo' do' [Z-Ro] Slow Loud And Bangin', all in my trunk Trunk full of funk, I ain't never been a punk I blow on skunk, I blow on doja Military minded, I'm a motherfucking soldier Out the streets, of the Ridgemont 4 Not no bitch, and say I still ain't a hoe Letting niggaz know, everyday of the year I pimp my pen, and I get my point clear Why niggaz wanna talk down, I don't know Gotta take a trip to Akapoko, from the 4 With my 4-4 on my side, when I ride Ready to do another homicide, in a pine box And I'm gone, nigga old glory I'm H-Town to Cali, just like Robert Horry If I do a m
urder, flee the murder scene No missing shortage on the drank, I can't find no lean From Southwest to Southfese, bitch it's about war not bout peace Nigga like me, I'm bout knocking out teeth Know I'm saying, I'll loose your grill A nigga coming down, in the Coupe Deville Looking gravy, looking real throwed I'ma be the nigga, pulling over at the fucking cross road With my K on my side, I'm ready to ride And if I gotta go, it'll be a homicide Me and another nigga, on the way to the Golden Gate A nigga like me, can't wait Just to make it, to another day Gotta get the big pay off, so get the fuck out my way When I come around your corner, so slow It'll be the nigga, in the damn Polo That's the Ralph Lauren, jackers ain't barring Why I skipped the slab, when I went straight to foreign Said it like I said it, in the old school Some niggaz they be red, but Z-Ro blue I come around your corner, but I ain't set tripping But I will, wet niggaz and wet women With the calico, I had to let a motherfucker know That I come
around your corner, in a Lincoln four do' A fox photo, cause I do it in a flash Nigga watch out, cause that could be your ass I rhyme so long, rhyme so strong I flicks my bar, sip then I swoll on Get on, the motherfucking bench And when the laws hit the corner, I hit the fence They wonder where I went, they keep looking I don't give a fuck, like Tyson I keep hooking Or maybe like Lenox, I'm strong to the finish I'm like the ghetto Popeye, but I don't need spinach I'ma keep going, I keep on flowing just like the Nile Million dolla mouthpiece, everytime I smile Look and load a, nigga ashtray Everytime he smile, he can turn the night to day You can open up the pop, and let the smoke come out We don't give a damn, bout a crooked ass cop Crooked officer, crooked officer Make a nigga wanna blow the badge, off of ya Me and Dougie, my motherfucking brother R.I.P., to my motherfucking mother That's the Dorothy Marie McVay Matthew There's ten toes planted, in my motherfucking shoe I gotta be a man, hope you understan
d There's nothing but the work, and the calico in my hand On a corner on the Ridgevan, and I'm serving a fiend A real live B-Boy, and you know what I mean I be stacking up chips, like Lego Dark on a pump, just like Calvin Kato Houston to the Rocket, a four-peat like Comets I don't give a fuck, good punch a bitch nigga make him vomit On the grind, I'ma take a trip on Greyhound I be flying on a plane, but the dope is on the ground Headed to Lake Charles, or headed to Lafayette Maybe off in Alexandria, but I ain't finished yet I gotta make a hoe I-10, I sin Then I, do it again I get my ends, I'm in my motherfucking Benz-e Got these hoes running round, in a friendse I be busting full clips, till they empty A piece of potent pussy, might tempt me Rain is trying to send me, to the Penitentiary The main reason why, I ain't friendly I'm wired up, but I ain't on no damn slaughter Dejaun in the back, and he got the camcorder Recording everything, the 4's gon swang Still pulling up, on Fondren and the Main Looking love
ly, got to look good I throw up Ridgemont 4, cause that's my hood Never been a hoe, I'm letting hoes know I gotta get a fucking P-L-A-T, but first a G-O L-D, a motherfucking plack I keep it straight and simple like that, hit a bitch from the back And I use my, motherfucking tool Make her say ouch, when I hit her with the mule