Artist: Assemblage 23
Song Title: Consequence
Here, apologies won't undo what you've done
The echoes linger on, the backlash has begun
Feigned indifference, your least convincing mask
But deep down inside, it's forgiveness that you ask

When hurt and lies become your currency
All it buys us is more tragedy
Hide behind the veil of ignorance
But every action has a consequence

More sleepless nights, your conscience rouses you
Self-medicate, so you can make it through
Every day goes by, at a slow and sickly pace
You chose to live a lie, now it can be embraced


You're breaking up, the clock is running out
Guilt keeps you alive, and fills your soul with doubt
Brought to your knees, by what you did and said
The echoes linger on, resounding in your head