Artist: Babylon Whores
Song Title: Of Blowjobs And Cocktails
With hemlock breath you tell me things / Noxious whispers / Amphetamine / Intoxicated faery tales / A bed of roses / A bed of nails

Down into the dark beneath the floors / Above the lights / Beyond the doors / You know my mind can be a whore / So I´ll bang it really sore

I´m cycling strapped into a wheel / And there is nothing / There´s nothing I couldn´t have been / I´ll waste a week / And save a dime / I´m all wound up biding my time

I wanna party all the time / Grow myself a second head / Be a party guy and a party gal / You know the check is in the mail / And just like blowjobs and cocktails / I´m fine / Fuck me if I ain´t fine

I´ve learnt to love the nightmares / In my damaged brain / Stowaway in this hellbound train / If God don´t love you / Buy a gun and be a man / Know the pride of the damned / Go on and be a man / Try and make of it what you can