Artist: Witch Hunt
Song Title: Detest

A community with an open mind- who only accepts a certain kind-
filled with optimism and unity- intelligence and diversity- where
bigotry and hatred is shunned- and equality is raised above- but a
feeling of alienation still persists- a constant struggle which we
must overcome- Is it in my head- a figment of my imagination- or a
harsh reality that can never be escaped- ingrained in our minds and
attempted to be ignored- a fight between realism and idealism- a
fight which we cannot afford- The mind like a sponge brainwashed from
birth- without given a chance stripped from all self worth- programmed
to be powerless and taught to submit- turn over all control and be
forced to forfeit- obey the norms of society our gender roles set in
stone- stuck in a vicious cycle crating yet another clone- abide by
the rules to never speak up- for our Utopian world needs no disrupt-
It is suitable for all- each gender class and race- discriminates
against no one- so keep that grin on your face- A community with an
open mind- who only accepts a certain kind- until one day challenged
by its people- by finally speaking up- given the chance to resist-
the world of hypocrisy that persists- in this world which exists-
we must detest- Empower yourself- Learn to speak up- It's time to
disrupt- This stagnant structure.