Artist: The Partridge Family
Song Title: Roller Coaster
I recall when I was young
My papa said don't cry
Life is full of ups and downs
Like a roller coaster ride
There'll be times you'll get so scared,
Rollin' down these hills
But hang on tight with all your might
Cause you don't know what you feel

You go up, down, all around,
On a cycle that's never endin'
You got on this train when you were born
And the wheels just keep on spinnin'
Like a roller coaster, it keeps going faster
I'm going faster, thrills comin' at ya
And I walk down, all around
Like a roller coaster

I left home at just sixteen,
Thought I'd have some fun
Hitched a ride on a diesel truck
Headed for Washington
I know now what my poppa meant
When he told me heart to heart
Son, you'll find out soon enough
Life is just an amusement park

You'll thrill, like a kid
You'll get so excited
You hang on tight with all your might
As if your hearts ignited