Artist: Kool G. Rap
Song Title: Take 'Em To War
**** ain't never gonna change... **** it!
Time to load the clips, then we take 'em to war.
*****z want to flip, then we take 'em to war.
Break a ***** proper, then we break him some more.

I represent the murderers and felony offenders,
Who either bought time out, to get these legal tenders.
(Surrender!) Nah, I'm goin' out with a bang, *****.
**** Pataki, I gotta do my thang, *****.
Forty-four mag, bustin' into action.
Brains left in particles, fragments and fractions.
Grimm, the money stacker, heat packer.
I'm lurkin', I'm waitin', attackin' like a linebacker.
**** what you heard, crime pays.
And always, unorthodox, I hold my pistol sideways.
We kill crews, hearts go numb,
And if retaliation comes then yo, **** it, it just comes.
(Yo, who you?) I'm Dr. Death, ************, ever heard of me?
Close your eyes, cross your fingers, time for surgery.
I'm already dead, so nah, you can't murder me,
'Cause quantities of entities enter me evilly.

[Chorus x 2]

Since I murder for hire, rapid fire's what I require.
Makin' *****z perspire, so send a message through the wire.
'Cause violence is contagious, it got me bustin' gauges.
The '95 Larry Davis, and I'm wettin' *****z for wages.
Queens is the home of one, the known felon,
And ain't no tellin', when I'm a crack your ****in' melon.
For the right amount of chips, I spit clips and hit whips.
Leavin' *****z bloody, the leather seats is where the **** drips.
With the pound-seven, I be creepin', rockin' *****z, while they sleepin'.
Shots repeatin', leavin' ****** *****z leakin'.
When I **** back the iron, *****z is dyin', marchin' to Zion.
'Cause the pound-cake, roars like a lion.
Word, son, *****z be collapsin', cause my weapons is
Ready for action, makin' your heart catch contractions.
In the underworld, shootin' gallery *****z lose calories,
'Cause my salary's based on fatalities.

[Chorus x 2]

Here I come to get some **********in' wreck, but first I gotta,
Um, vest check, uncheck, clip one check, clip two check, I'm set.
So let a ************ move a muscle.
When I tussle, they'll be piecin' *****z back like ****in' puzzles.
'Cause Kool G. Rap is known for bringin' mad noise, a bad boy.
When I was younger, always carried guns, I never had toys.
Grimm, gimme the infrared, they see me, and I'm puttin' red dots
On *****z foreheads, to makin' ************s indian.
You got beef? Go get yourself a wreath, because it's murder.
'Cause I put holes in my beef, like ****in' White Castle burgers.
So now I gots to run up on a clown with the fo' pound.
**** back, rock black, gun a ***** down.
I see 'em, he's comin' out the ****in' Coliseum,
And hopped into a B-M, ****!
Put in my clip, and then I dipped into the ride that my man had,
Parked on the sidewalk, then we start to glide.
I'm rainin' on him, (faster *****.) oh yeah, we're gainin' on him.
(Oh ****, he's with somebody else.) **** it, put his brain on him.
Boom, boom, no survivors, lifted the ***** out his seat.
When they find him, he'll be a backseat driver.
But I ain't finished with the trigger yet, I'm lightin' up a cigarette.
Bang, bang, I left the other ***** wet.
It's G. Rap, baby, you know me. You try to hurt this,
I split your ****in top and leave a fingerprint on purpose.