Artist: Johnny Rivers
Song Title: Borrowed Time
You can run – but you can't hide
You can cry – but it will not slide
When the rain comes down
It's gonna wash away all your lies
And the sun's gonna shine at night
You'll be awakened by an angel of light
And the veil of sorrow will be lifted from your eyes

Turn around, tell me what do you see
Can that fool standing there be me
If you look real close
You can tell he's got his heart in his hand
I guess he tried to fly too high
Took off in a storm through an uncharted sky
Shot down by a paper plane
And had nowhere to land

Hey – where are you going now?
Your story's got no reason or rhyme
Tell me – who can you turn to now
That you're livin' on borrowed time

So – called friends think I've lost my mind
Can't believe what I've left behind
Now that I've changed my number
And I'm not runnin' scared
Looks like the ones who have lost it all
Are the ones who are standing tall
Me, I'm turning to the one who always cared

[Repeat chorus]