Artist: Scarface
Song Title: Forgot About Me (feat. Lil Wayne & Bun B)
I know they miss you

It seems like everybody, everybody, everybody
Everybody forgotten about me
Will I ever, ever, ever! Be free?
Huh, uh, huh!?

Just when they thought it was safe
I picked up the phone and called it a day
I bought a new car, caught a new case, **** it
The harder I walk, the ground shall shake
Stomping, the harder I march, the ground will break
I am, groundbreaking, like an earthquake,
Yeah, I run this ****, but I'll tackle it
You want me to break it down, I'm a fracture it
My mind is wanderin', I can't find it
But ten times outta ten, my mind on the money
Bandanna 'round my head like I know karate
And I'll wax a *****'s *** like Mister Miyagi
And it ain't over 'til the fat lady sang
And that ***** got a whole lot more weight to gain
And call me by my new name
(What is that?) featuring Lil Wayne


(My *****, featuring Lil Wayne,
Came here to **** with me tonight, shwaty)

I am as, real as they come as hard as they get
They go to talking off the wall I put a par' in they ****
I'm the original gangsta, I'll tell you how I do it
I take *****s from the jump when they step to me with that bullshit
I am a fool, *****, a native H-Town from the south side of Houston
You're tuned to the sounds of a *****, who don't give a ****
Cause one way or the other
I'm goin' still get mine, play the game, ************
The truth is in the building and I came tonight
And I done sold so many records, change my name to life
Cause I can breathe into the hood, make it feel my pain
And even though they try to change me, I remain the same
And even if I did have that chrome-plated grill on my ****
I come from out the **********ing bricks
Now, never forget, where I come from, son
I'm respected in these **********ing streets I run
I'm Face


(My, *****)

It's Bun B, the ***** Mr. Swisher, and Mr. Flows
Mr. Brick, Mr. Killer Grams *****, Mr. 'BOWS
Mr. Slab, Mr. Candy Paint, ***** Mr. Dough
and Mr. Eighty four, hating hoe, we think yo' sister know
When I hits the do', ************s drop and kiss the flo'
Light bulb flow, I glass shatter, transistors blow
I'm the **** for sure! Roll wit it, ***** or worm firm
I'm hot in this heat, a head shot'll keep your perm burned
It's my turn, I earn stripes and paid dues so
Don't be surprised if I'm in a trap or own a new show
I don't TRY snitch, sneak dis or even backdoor
Balla block, a short stop or drop down in Fat, hoe
(What!) I don't keep it a hun'ed (huh), I keep it a thousand
I'm hood, so I rep the hood, direct from the public housing
(Man!) I got it crunk like Obama in a 'Fesco
Nothing less than the best, hoe
*****, let's go it's you

"It seems like everybody, everybody, everybody (**********ing G)
Everybody forgotten about me (K, for life!)
Will I ever, ever, ever, be free? (Long live the Pimp!)
Huh, uh, huh"