Artist: Flatbush Zombies
Song Title: TP4
I drink good, I smoke good
But I fuck better, I fuck better
I rap good, I trap good
But I fuck better, I fuck better
I eat good, I mean real good
But I fuck better, I fuck better
Fuck her one time, fuck her two time
Fuck her three time, four times or never

[Verse 1: Meechy Darko]
The kind of pipe that put Rihanna to sleep
Yo pardon, that bitch been on my mind all week
But, back to the way that I fuck
Life is a gamble baby girl, blow my dice and test your luck
Cause I'mma tell you lies, I'mma fuck your friends
We could never be in love but we could play pretend
Cruel intentions just spread 'em
And let a nigga in, girl, let a nigga in
She on her sixth nut, I'm on my sixth blunt
Slick talk, pimp walk, this what you want
I'm gritty, pretty, arrogant as fuck
I'm witty, jiggy, is the baddest of the bunch
LSD on my tongue then I tongue kiss her
Now she trippin' off them drugs, I saw, she came
I conquered, fucking record spotless
The realest nigga you ever seen or focused on your optics
Sloppy toppy, then I fuck her to sleep
Slobber knocker, she snoring in the sheets
One nut, two nut, three nut, four
After nut number five she don't want you no more
Think Lupe mad cause I got a bad broad, oops I meant to say bitch
My wordplay is extensive, guess what, so is my dick


Zombie mommy she count it for me
And stay in leopard print like Peggy Bundy
Head so excellent I want to pay her for it
But, never will I do that, never will I do that
Keep them dead niggas in my wallet
My eyes low, her panties falling
This the confessions of a pussyholic
This the confessions of a pussyholic