Artist: Meek Mill
Song Title: Im Leanin
Ft. Travi$ Scott, Birdman & Diddy

Hundred ...on the '
Couldn't make on the 'flex
All my nigga gonna flex and all your nigga's get mad, stress
'connect ll my grab 'I'mma'
'I'm high beside you'
'all your nigga looking high on the street
Caught'for twenty five day
It's sound like a bug to me, young nigga get money
Never looking like 'to me
And don't know no lies to me
Hundred bitches ' to me
Never looking like me
And I know'no, no lie
Hundred bitches '
'get 'em all for free
Study, study what it calling '
And I got all the cause '
Anybody talking money but it ain't sure
I'mm about o call
And all I do its counting money '
Young nigga are leaning, leaning
'.looking like me in all '
Nigga I'm leaning, leaning
Zipping on 'magazine'
Nigga my they got money'nigga I'm leaning
Dam you see my demons
Each time nigga '
Never go far with no bitch and no '
'don't touch my '
Let's go down to '
Motherfucker I'm leaning '.
Can't last so long
But it's motherfucker '
In the second' he pass me
Ooh somebody pass a '
Yah nigga I'm leaning, young nigga, I'm leaning
'looking like me that long '
Yah nigga I'm leaning, young nigga, I'm leaning
Zipping 'magazine my nigga, my team got money all'
Nigga I'm leaning
'level to his life nigga
See we started 'before we 'and then we were trapping 'high life
This what we live'.stepping out to the meal '
'you can't pay 'I lose your bitch nigga '
You can't fuck with everybody
Cuz anybody ain't at your motherfucker level
'don't understand you,the one that motherfucker hate you
So you know what you gotta do, you gotta the 'em motherfuckers too
Fucke 'em nigga, fucke the motherfucker'hey you suck dick 'let's get it