Artist: The Game
Song Title: Swerve
I mean the shit that you love it,
I mean you did the shit 'cause you couldn't find that place
We go
That's so fine nigga.

I'm back, open the door nigga,
All is bout the verse, what is it for nigga?
I ain't Jay-Z nigga, I'm still porn nigga
Hey y'all step, walking into the store nigga,
My baby mama hope my feelings got me sore nigga,
But that's cool 'cause I'm rap to my core nigga,
What's up? 40 glock you want some more nigga ?
and don't fall off, game get bored nigga
Huh, got it coming out my Porsche nigga
I'm like chastity with 25 million
Stack it up, that's like a project bill
Been back with 50 but I came 'cause I killed em,
Waiting, have you seen 'em?
not a papa nigga living on that mill cart

And my nigga ain't just killin got a park swerve
Say my nigga been some .. ain't got a park swerve
My little been some stealing ain't got a park swerve
Say my nigga boose his killing ain't got a park swerve
So take a shot at any my little nigga is .. nigga,
F*ck a gun we bring in hammers, like we throwin nigga
My nigga pops got bitch you can't ignore nigga
See my nigga pops, got beef you can't afford nigga,
Wake up double the kush, we 'bout to short niggas,
3- 30 now, back in .. my 4 nigga,
105, doing 105, shell slides like dubs in it,
I'm so good with .. take the heart so break the soul and car dubs in ti,
I got your bitch no club fin it, I wear rob, bust a nud in it,
Disrespect and tender how I ever spin it I ..
'cause none of you A from out here,
You think you run out here, hey your ass run out here
You a .. out here, and no don't call .. you
'cause we in the .. and bust a .. grind

Say my little nigga I'm just killin' got a park now, swerve
And nigga little Gucci stealing got a park no swerve
And all these little niggas rocking Gucci flat top fuck that, swerve
And my little nigga get it that's a .. swerve.

Hey pops, you a mother*cking free shit,
I told you what I'ma do,
I'ma talk to you mother*cker for a while
4 and a half more bars
And I'ma let that bitch breathe,
So when my nigga boosie get out the mother*cking joint,
Then can kick this mother*cking .. free