Artist: Bryan Adams
Song Title: Tonight
Who you're gonna run to,
Now your *** is on the line?
Who you think you're foolin',
We ain't got the time.

Don't try to tell me
Who was wrong or right,
Don't see eye to eye,
There's no point in tryin' to change it at all.

Tonight let's leave it alone,
Leave it alone tonight,
We can't change it at all.

Forget the things I told you,
Let's just sleep on it for now,
It's your misunderstanding,
I don't want to hear you out.

Two wrongs, babe,
They don't make a right.
It's hardly worth the heartache,
So let's leave it alone, leave it alone.


Tonight, tonight, tonight, whoa
Just leave it to me, oh,
Oh leave it to me yeah whoa,
Oh,leave it to me ooo yeah, yeah, tonight
Ooo tonight leave it alone,
Oh whoa
Leave it along tonight
Oh yeah, oh whoa whoa
Tonight (tonight), tonight (tonight), tonight
Let's leave it alone.
Leave it alone night, yeah
(You can't change it at all)
Whoa, change it all, tonight
Tonight (tonight), tonight
Oh, oh, tonight
Just leave it alone
(You can't change it at all)
Change it at all