Artist: BT
Song Title: Movement in Still Life
1. Dance to the beat, shuffle my feet.
2. Body slowin' back in.

Hey 'Cause I got your number, right?
I seen you up in this magazine,
Dude told me you do some tracks, right?
I want to be like gettin' wit you and make

Some beats. So call me back, I live in DC
And I'd like to, you know, we get together and
We make some money.
I heard you dope, you the man.

I got some fresh tracks, and uh, I make hits.
I don't have no records out yet, but I make hits.
So please call me back at them numbers...

... and if my mother say...
... I might be at my grandmother's house...
... if my mother answers the phone

She'll give you my my cousin's beeper number.
So let's whack this off... you all right, cuz.
Peace out, nana na na...