Artist: Chilliwack
Song Title: (Don't Wanna) Live for a Living
You run around and pay the rent?You buy the food your money's spent?Cut me off I'm having fun ain't getting nothing done?It cost too much those days are done?I am having too much fun
Stay home at night and have a fight?Who can tell who's wrong or right?Up at eight and don't be late?Double time at twice the rate?It's hell today it's what you hate?Can't afford to make them wait
Living without living?Another day's victim of working harder every day?Just trying to get by
I don't want their money cause I don't think it's funny?They're using all my energy and wasting my time?Nine to five is useless so long it's really endless?I'm working night and day to meet the bills I can't pay
Irritate discriminate always tring to dominate?With all due respect kiss my ***?Get prosecuted fight the judge - end up paying twice as much ?Life ain't got too much romance working man ain't got no chance
Don't want to live for a living - don't want to be there no more?Don't want to live for a living - don't want to be there no more