Artist: Circle Jerks
Song Title: I Just Want Some Skank
Empty frame on the wall
Cat and mouse when you don't call
All I do is think of her
Screens picture's blurred

So take it away!
Take it away!

Every night the scene is set
I've got to drink to forget
I cannot incur this debt
Where's the gun?
Here's my head!

Let's go to the Hong Kong
Breaking glass at madame Wong's.
Let's go buy a pint of booze
Getting drunk getting loose

I just want some skank! [Repeat: x4]

Passing flyers at the troub
Seven nights seven 'ludes
What's the deal with this band?
Let's go roll some fields,


Every night would be so great
I'd take you home to meet mom & dad
And they'll be so glad
They won't think their boy's a ***
Then they'll go upstairs and go to bed