The Fiery Furnaces - Crystal Clear Lyrics

Artist: The Fiery Furnaces Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Gallowsbird's Bark
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Just after work
I got my check
I held my breath
The phone rings tell 'em I ain't never here
The overunder
Made a blunder
I gave my cell phone
To my cousin
He plays the threats I get to his friends at school
I board the dog
At Uncle Nicky's
I put my hood up
I have to run out
You welched the bet I'm soaking wet too close to an OTB
I took a train
Got off at Trenton
Bought a ticket
A bus to Vinton
Won't stop sweating till I get to Davenport
On the bridge
On the bus
Bye-bye Moline
Look at the water
Filthy, dirty, cloudy, muddy, messy, mucky, crystal clear
I got my palm read
For $7.50
She looked me over
I bought a crystal
Filthy, dirty, cloudy, muddy, messy, mucky, crystal clear

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