Who Sang Cherry Tree? 10,000 Maniacs

10,000 Maniacs In My Tribe cover art
publisher: ©Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
writers: Bertrand Andre Poncet, Eric Christian Poncet, Erik Ron, Mathias Rigal, Paul Antoine Cordebard
release date: 1987-7-7
length: 3:14
producer: Peter Asher
vocal: Natalie Merchant
mixer: George Massenburg and Frank Wolf
recording engineer: George Massenburg
electric bass guitar: Steven Gustafson
keyboard: Dennis Drew
additional engineer: Sharon Rice
percussion: Jerome Augustyniak
drums (drum set): Jerome Augustyniak
assistant engineer: Shep Lonsdale and Duane Seykora
assistant producer: Edd Kolakowski
mandolin & guitar & pedal steel guitar: Robert Buck
composer: Robert Buck
lyricist: Natalie Merchant
Over your shoulder, please don't mind me if my eyes have fallen onto your magazine for I've been watching and wondering why your face is changing with every line you read. All those lines and circles, to me, a mystery. Eve pull down the apple and give taste to me. If she would be wonderful, but my pride is in the way. I cannot read to save my life, I'm so ashamed to say.
I live in silence, afraid to speak of my life of darkness because I cannot read. For all those lines and circles, to me, a mystery. Eve pull down the apple and give taste to me. If she could it would be wonderful. Then I wouldn't need someone else's eyes to see what's in front of me. No one guiding me.
It makes me humble to be so green at what every kid can do when he learns A to Z, but all those lines and circles just frighten me and I fear that I'll be trampled if you don't reach for me. Before I run I'll have to take a fall. And then pick myself up, so slowly I'll devour every one of those books in the Tower of Knowledge.

CD 1
  • 1 What’s the Matter Here?
  • 2 Hey Jack Kerouac
  • 3 Like the Weather
  • 4 Cherry Tree
  • 5 The Painted Desert
  • 6 Don’t Talk
  • 7 Peace Train
  • 8 Gun Shy
  • 9 My Sister Rose
  • 10 A Campfire Song
  • 11 City of Angels
  • 12 Verdi Cries