Who Sang Shining Light? 10,000 Maniacs

10,000 Maniacs Love Among the Ruins cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Dennis Drew, Jerome Stanley Augustyniak, John C. Lombardo, Jules Shear, Mary Jeanne Ramsey, Robert N. Buck, Steven E. Gustafson
release date: 1997-6-17
length: 4:07
producer: John Keane
membranophone: Jerome Augustyniak
additional guitar family: John Keane
piano: Dennis Drew
vocal: Mary Ramsey
mixer: Chris Lord‐Alge
electric guitar: John Lombardo and Robert Buck
recording engineer: John Keane
background vocals: Jerome Augustyniak and Jules Shear
Hammond organ: Dennis Drew
viola: Mary Ramsey
acoustic guitar: John Lombardo and Robert Buck
percussion: Jerome Augustyniak
additional recording engineer: Armand John Petri
additional percussion: Fred Maher
bass guitar: Steven Gustafson
assistant producer: Billy Field
assistant recording engineer: Billy Field
writer: Jules Shear, Dennis Drew, Steven Gustafson, John Lombardo, Mary Ramsey, Jerome Augustyniak, Robert Buck
Something was pulling me
Without knowing what was leading me on:
Your shining light.

In my darkest hour the only way
To bring the dawn was
Your shining light.

But you're unaware
Your shining light is even on.
Like with a little glance
When you take me by surprise
And I take a chance
And I see it all through your eyes.

Free me from my history
And show me where to draw the line,
By lighting up the mystery,
And you don't even know that it shines.

I'm not worried now
About flying too close to the sun.
Your shining light.

When December skies are cold,
You know I will always run to
Your shining light.

I won't abuse it
So please just let it glow behind your smile.
Let me use it,
Let me feel the warmth like a little child

Who understands your glance,
Though it takes me by surprise.
And I take a chance
And I see it all through your eyes
It's your shining light.

CD 1
  • 1 Rainy Day
  • 2 Love Among the Ruins
  • 3 Even With My Eyes Closed
  • 4 Girl on a Train
  • 5 Green Children
  • 6 A Room for Everything
  • 7 More Than This
  • 8 Big Star
  • 9 You Won’t Find Me There
  • 10 All That Never Happens
  • 11 Shining Light
  • 12 Across the Fields