Who Sang You Won't Find Me There? 10,000 Maniacs

10,000 Maniacs Love Among the Ruins cover art
release date: 1997-6-17
length: 4:09
producer: John Keane
membranophone: Jerome Augustyniak
additional guitar family: John Keane
piano: Dennis Drew
vocal: Mary Ramsey
mixer: Chris Lord‐Alge
electric guitar: John Lombardo and Robert Buck
recording engineer: John Keane
additional producer: Fred Maher
background vocals: Jerome Augustyniak and Jules Shear
Hammond organ: Dennis Drew
viola: Mary Ramsey
acoustic guitar: John Lombardo and Robert Buck
percussion: Jerome Augustyniak
additional recording engineer: Armand John Petri
additional percussion: Fred Maher
bass guitar: Steven Gustafson
assistant producer: Billy Field
assistant recording engineer: Billy Field
writer: Dennis Drew, Steven Gustafson, John Lombardo, Mary Ramsey, Jerome Augustyniak, Robert Buck, Jules Shear
I'd like to know
What makes you stay
While your eyes still search for escape.

You think that I
Don't feel the cold (babe),
But I wait while confessions unfold.

You'll never make a living from reading minds
Or from getting your direction from exit signs.
Look into your heart
And you won't find me there.

You won't find
Me where you hide
And that makes us a matter of time.
Like trees exposed by fall,
Time reveals it all.

Tell me you want to do everything
But you're stuck up to your knees.
And I'm less likely pushed forward
By ambition than a breeze.

But there's a flame
That must be fanned,
And it appears as a beckoning hand.

Don't think cause you're not,
Talking you're being kind,
You've been getting there
Tolls your direction from exit signs.
Look into your heart
And you won find me there.

CD 1
  • 1 Rainy Day
  • 2 Love Among the Ruins
  • 3 Even With My Eyes Closed
  • 4 Girl on a Train
  • 5 Green Children
  • 6 A Room for Everything
  • 7 More Than This
  • 8 Big Star
  • 9 You Won’t Find Me There
  • 10 All That Never Happens
  • 11 Shining Light
  • 12 Across the Fields