2 Skinnee J's - Ball Point Man Lyrics

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Up, up, and away. Ball Point Man's come to save the day.
I've got sass and savvy pack flash by the paragraph
I'm more novel than War and Peace
I fight beasts armed to the teeth on the daily
My pen is my sword and thank Lord never fails me.
I remember back in the days of my youth
When I used to run around on the block with a few friends
Nickers and Kickers and stickers on our Big Wheels,
Mindtricks and Kung Fu grips was the big deal.
At nighttime we'd fight crime defending civilians
Mounting extra sensory offences against the villains by the millions
No defiance to our allegiance cause we instilled fear,
Jimmy quit, Joey got married, but I'm still here

I've got my head in the clouds but I'm grounded.
This superhero steps to the pavement and I pound it.
Hounded by the sound of unfounded speculation
By authorities around to confound the population.
Now most host ghosts, I propose to break the shell.
The coffee shop cop rides in to dispel
These visions of cathedrals from a shopping mall,
And philosophy from a bathroom wall.
And so I strike without hesitation, the forces had to yield
To my devastation my notebook is my battlefield
I roam tomes of zones where spirals spin around
And I can leap a metaphor in a single bound

I'm biding my time
I'm biding my time waiting for a sign to be sent to me
To unleash the power of my secret identity,
But until that day I will stay for the time being
Incognito laying low with my rhyme scheme
Well Shazaam! I Marvel like the captain
At my inopportune impotence in the face of distraction,
Inaction makes me a good guy also-ran
So I battle Black Mantas in the bathtub like Aquaman
Minions of evil heed this tirade
It's a parade of polemics and I love a parade
So I ride into the sunset with the money and the girl
But in my spare time I still save the world

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Pluto
  • 2 Wild Kingdom
  • 3 The Best
  • 4 Ball Point Man
  • 5 In the Clutches of the Diabolical Sgt. Stiletto
  • 6 The Whammy
  • 7 You're a Champion
  • 8 (718)
  • 9 The Good, The Bad & The Skinnee
  • 10 Riot Nrrrd
  • 11 Organic Machine
  • 12 Mind Trick